Quilt Workshop/Lecture Descriptions and fee schedule

I teach the following workshops, ranging from beginner piecing to more advance techniques including foundation piecing, curved piecing, machine applique, miniature techniques, precision piecing, and finishing techniques. All of my classes include basic tips and my special seam guide for improving your piecing.

All 45-60 minute lectures have a trunk show including 15 to 20+ quilts. Some have a PowerPoint presentation in addition to the trunk show.

Lecture fees 2017-18: $400 without workshop, $350 with.
Workshop fees 2017-18: Half-day $375, full day $600 plus kit fees if noted.

The organization is responsible for travel expenses (to and from the airport if necessary), room, board, and meals (I prefer to stay at a member’s house), and any extra charges such as shipping if required.

Check out some class and student samples on my Pinterest page.


So You Want to See Your Quilt in Print
This presentation is a short history of my first quilts to my current published quilts and how I became involved with the magazines and fabric companies. An inspiring lecture that lets people know that anyone can do it if they truly want to

Curved Piecing are NOT dirty words!
This presentation is a short history of my prize winning quilts and how blocks such as the New York Beauty and other curved piece blocks have influenced my work. Includes a PowerPoint presentation of the last 200+ years of curved blocks and how they got their names.

Using Mirrors to Enhance and Add Variety to your Quilt Blocks
This lecture is guaranteed to get you hooked on using mirrors to find hidden treasures in your fabrics. The PowerPoint presentation shows a variety of ways to fussy cut your fabric using templates and many of the wonderful effects it can create. Afterwards, members are encouraged to play with my mirrors and fabric samples to see for themselves.

Making Minis, Not Harder, Just Smaller
A powerpoint presentation of what goes into making miniature quilts, including fabric selection, quilting supplies, and techniques. Trunk show follows of my published and winning miniature quilts. Lecture is based on my published article in “Quilter’s World” magazine.

Designing with Computer Software; The Wonders of EQ7
I use EQ7 to design all of my commissioned and published quilts. This is a short introduction of how EQ6 works, on an overhead screen for everyone to see, and many of the quilts that I have designed with it first as an EQ image and then real thing.
Those wanting more hands-on training can take my half or full day workshop.


Northern Lights New!
Using my newest template set “Kaleidostar”, you will learn to look for hidden designs in your fabrics, fussy-cut designs and play with fabric placement for striking blocks! Kit fee of $23.00 required which includes templates and pattern for a 13″ block. Based on my book “Kaleidostars” through AQS. Purchase of the book is optional.

Northern Lights


Hourglass  New!
A beginner class for curve piecing. Learn to sew curves using my unique pinning techniques and my personal templates to create a wonderfully easy quilt. Great class for 2-1/2″ strips and 10″ square prepacks. Half-day: Beginner to advanced quilter. Kit fee of $25 includes acrylic templates, seam guide, and pattern required for class.



Eclipse  New!
Learn how to use templates to make this very traditional New York Beauty block. Each section is 12″ which creates a 24″ block. Can be made into a place mat or table runner. This is NOT paper pieced. Learn curve piecing with my special pinning technique. Kit required for the class includes acrylic templates, pattern, and seam guide. Fee $40.00. Full or half-day class. Confident beginner to advanced quilter.



Eden  New!
If you have been afraid of “y” seams or find marking the seam lines tedious then this is the workshop for you. I will take the fear out of the dreaded “y” seam and show you how to do them without marking. Based on one of my most popular patterns, Eden. Kit fee of $20 is required which includes a pattern, templates, and a seam gauge. Half-day workshop. Confident beginner to Advanced quilter.


Mardi Gras  New!
Learn how to piece “y” seams with a Lone Star block and how to fussy cut pieces to make the quilt unique.
Full Day workshop. Pattern and handouts fee: $15.00. Full day – Intermediate to advanced quilter.

Mardi Gras

“Unfoundation” Piecing 101
No more tearing off the foundation! In this workshop you will learn how to sew “off” the foundation and make a large NY Beauty block. It is a technique class and something you can use on other foundation patterns. If you put four blocks together it will make a pillow or small wall hanging. The class also includes my special pinning technique for perfect curves every time. Kit fee of $35 includes pattern and acrylic templates. Half day – Confident beginner to advanced quilter.


Parfait  New!
Based on my Kaleidostars block. This workshop shows how to use mirrors on one symmetrical fabric and how to cut perfect repeats to create exceptional blocks.It is a half-day workshop. This is a 17″ block. Based on my book “Kaleidostars” through AQS. Kit fee of $26.00 includes templates, seam guide, and pattern. Half day – Confident beginner to intermediate quilter. Purchase of the book is optional.


Glorified Nine-Patch with a Twist
One of my most asked for workshops! This is the perfect class for those who have been afraid of curves. I take the fear out of piecing curves using only three pins and my unique pinning technique. This is a fast block to put together and has many design possibilities. You will also learn the best way to use templates and a fast on-point construction. Instructions on creating this unique binding technique is included. You will impress everyone after you make this quilt! The templates come in 3 sizes: 4″, 6″, or 9″. Workshop fee is based on the 6″ size. Kit fee of $20 includes acrylic templates and pattern. Full day or half day – Confident beginner to intermediate quilter.

Nine Patch with a Twist

Due to a high interest on my Millefiori quilt featured in McCalls Quilting magazine May 2010, I have designed a class on how to create this unique New York Beauty quilt. It is an extension of my Unfoundation piecing 101 class, which includes curved piecing, foundation piecing with freezer paper, and adds how to find designs with mirrors, fussy-cutting with templates, using stripes in your block, and construction of the block.
Kit fee of $35 includes templates and pattern is required. Full day – Intermediate quilter.


Mojito  New!
A class on “unfoundation piecing”. Uses the same templates as my original Chinese New Year quilt. Make this wonderful antique sunflower block with an easy pieced center. Learn to sew curves using only 3 pins and my unique pinning technique. Learn how to make and use your own templates and do foundation piecing with very little waste and no paper to tear off. See how the setting triangles create a center with a floating effect. Learn how to make the perfect mitered corner. Kit fee of $35 for pattern and acrylic templates.   Full day – Intermediate quilter.


Curves Without the Fuss
A wonderful scrap quilt in either two colors or lights and darks. You make this two color quilt without having to sew curves. Learn how to make and use templates for the center of the block and machine applique the circle on to a pieced background. The border and setting triangles are made of triangles and squares! This quilt was featured in “Quilter’s World” magazine December 2005 issue. Kit fee of $20 includes pattern and template.
Full day – Intermediate quilter.

Curves Without the Fuss

EQ7, an Introduction
Learn the basics of this fantastic program and be on the road to designing your own quilts. This class is an overview of EQ6 and the new features that were updated from EQ5. By the end of the half-day class you will have a basic understanding of how to use the libraries, create a quilt in a variety of layouts, and how to use the printouts to determine your own cutting instructions. In the full day class you will learn how to design your own block, play with layers, and learn about other wonderful extra tools you can use in EQ6. Guaranteed to get you hooked on EQ6. A laptop with EQ6 installed is required for the class (at least 2 per student). Class minimum of 15. Full-day or Half-day – Anyone with or without computer skills.

Fast Easy Appliqued Circles
If you like the look of Drunkard’s Path blocks but don’t want to do the curved piecing then this is the perfect class for you. A block for beginning applique’rs. Learn simple machine applique techniques and make this quilt in a weekend. Kit fee of $15 for pattern and seam guide.
Half-day – Beginner quilter.

Fast Easy Appliqued Circles

Geese On the Loose
If you are tired of tearing off foundation paper, learn “unfoundation piecing” on circular flying geese and New York Beauty blocks. I also take the fear out of sewing curves using only three pins and my unique pinning technique. This is not a class for beginners. This is a technique class. Kit fee of $35 for pattern and acrylic templates required. Full day – Intermediate to advanced quilter.   

Geese on the Loose

Liberty Square
If you have been wanting to make a mini but were afraid because of the size, then this is the class for you. Learn precision techniques for this mini quilt and five different ways to make half-square triangles. Kit fee of $15 includes the pattern and all the materials needed to make half-square triangles. My motto is…”It’s not harder, just smaller”. Kit fee of $15 required which includes a pattern and materials for half-square triangles. Full day – Beginner to advance quilter.

Liberty Square

Rob Peter to Pay Paul
Easy curve piecing creates this fast block. A wonderful beginner quilting class for anyone dreading curves. Learn how to use templates, on-point settings, and perfect mitered corners on a small table runner that you can complete in a day. Learn my unique pinning method for perfect curves every time. Also learn a variety of finishing techniques with the backing with and without binding. Kit fee of $25 includes templates and pattern. Optional kit with fabric for top and binding available for $20. Half-day – Confident beginner quilter.

Rob Peter to Pay Paul

St. Louis Stars
Based on my book St. Louis Stars. Learn to make the St. Louis Star block. Learn tips for using templates my special pinning technique. This is an easily pieced 8-point star that has no set-in (Y) seams. Learn how many design possibilities there are with this wonderful block! This is a technique class and all of the materials are supplied. Kit fee of $25 includes pre-cut fabric including border print, and 12″ templates to make 1 block. Book will be available for purchase along with other template sizes. Half-day – Intermediate quilter.

St. Louis Star

Stars Over St. Louis
The St. Louis Star is my favorite eight-point star because it has no “y” seams and has so many possibilities for designs. You can use mirrors to create a kaleidoscope effect. You will make my small “Miniature Quilt Magazine” prize winning wall quilt (18″) or a 36″ version. In the morning there is a short powerpoint presentation on using mirrors and then you get to play with mirrors and sew the center medallion. In the afternoon you will learn to make perfect “y” seams without marking. Kit fee of $35 includes the pattern, “Magic Mirrors”, and acrylic templates. Full Day – Intermediate quilter.

Stars Over St. Louis

Yin and Yang
This quilt was featured in McCalls Quilting May/June 2011 issue. Learn curved piecing with my special pinning technique to create this unique and up-to-date block. Part of the lesson also includes machine applique’ for the small circle. A fee of $35 is required for the workshop, which includes templates, precut patches to make 4 blocks including a border, seam guide and pattern. Half day – Confident beginner to Intermediate quilter.

Yin and Yang