The following are testimonials from quilters who have either taken one of my workshops from a guild or quilt show and either of my online classes from iQuilt or Craftsy.

(Related to my Craftsy Clever Curves class.) “I’ve paper pieced for many years. I have tried this technique before but the teacher made it seem so complicated that I went back to regular paper piecing. With that said, you are making it so easy to understand with your demo that yes I will try it again and think I already have this template set!! Also your camera man is getting great shoots showing what you are doing!!”


(Craftsy) “I have over a 100 quilting craftsy classes in my class list and this IS one of the best for what it was presenting!! everything was so well explained, making it very easy to pick up and do the project!!”


(Craftsy) “The tips and tricks that Toby gives in this class are wonderful! I learned a ton from this class and love the projects that she presented.”


(Craftsy) “Great information Toby! I can’t wait to make all of the quilts you’ve shown. I’m feeling much more confident and I love that I can come back and watch each step again and again. Thank you for teaching this wonderful class.”


(Craftsy) “Toby your details to make these pieces perfect are exquisite.”


(Craftsy) “Great accurate cutting and piecing techniques! I have used the plastic templates for the hourglass quilts with great success. The way the corners of the pieces line up is clear and precise using the engineered corner trimming! The way Toby shows you to prepare borders is most useful and will help to eliminate those not so friendly wavy borders.


(Craftsy) “Took your new Craftsy class last night and just wanted to thank you personally for such an awesome class. I’ve quilted for many years but you are never too old to learn something new. Left a 5 star review for you, hope it helps others see that it is well worth taking. I found 2 patterns I had bought from you yrs ago and luckily one was the unfoundation NYB block!! So gave it a try tonight and finally got the freezer paper method right, thanks to your class. Always got so frustrated with it before, other teachers never explained or demoed as well as your class did. Being a lefty, I also tend to do things a little backwards at times but this time it did not matter…lol”


(Craftsy) “I have 40+ classes from Craftsy almost all from the quilting section. Curved piecing, even though I’ve sewn clothes for 50 years, has been a challenge. This class taught me how to avoid those problems that kept me from the accuracy I was chasing. Very valuable class.”


(Craftsy) “I came to your site through Craftsy. I just took your new class on Craftsy which I loved – so helpful and very inspiring for me! So far I’ve watched through the entire course, and once I’ve finished my current project I will work back through it and make the three projects in the class. I really like your teaching style and I hope that you have more classes planned for Craftsy in the future. The online learning platform is so helpful for people like me who work long hours and live a long way from any quilting stores that run classes.”

(Craftsy) “Ms. Lischko is very organized, clear, concise and calm in her teaching. She has expanded my quilt knowledge to now include beautiful curves. I’ve been wanting to make a pickle dish quilt and with her instruction I feel confident enough to now Make a New York Beauty quilt too. The bonus to this class is her method of using freezer paper to paper piece without the need to rip off the paper after sewing. I will never go back to the old method of paper piecing after trying Toby’s way! I like her recipe of vodka and water in lieu of spray starch too. This class is definitely a winner.”

(Craftsy) This course is great for anyone that wants to take on the challenge of curved seams. Toby Lischko paces these courses, allowing each new step/procedure to sink in before moving forward. Further, her work at the quilt is clear and concise. The course work is broken into several steps, and allows the user to start and stop as necessary. While some challenges were a bit difficult, initially, watching that portion of the video quickly clarified what needed to change and what would work. What a wonderful course and the resulting projects are worth the time.

(Craftsy) Great information. I have been sewing for a long time but could never get curves right. Now I feel like an expert! I LOVE this teacher and her videos.


(Related to my iQuilt Kaleidostars class.) “Toby turns a pattern that seems complicated into one that a beginner can accomplish. She shares precise piecing tips that will make our points meet perfectly. I can’t wait to try her technique for mitered corners. I would recommend for anyone, beginner or advanced, to take this class. I hope to take any future classes that Toby should offer on iquilt.”


(iQuilt) “Toby leads you comfortably through each step, The sewing tidbits she gives while joining the pattern’s sections are not just helpful in her pattern but for piecing in general. The corner mitering demo took the fear out of doing them. The symmetrical fabric explanation has me looking at fabric in a new “direction”. I’ve never used templates before. Thank you for introducing me to them. I’m looking forward to more templates in my future.


(iQuilt) “Toby does a great job explaining symmetrical fabrics and how to use them., with several examples. She also explains how to use the templates and tips for their use. Good demo of how to get a perfect 1/4 inch seam, as well as many piecing tips throughout the Piecing Lesson. Excellent lesson on mitering borders.”


I received this letter from a quilt guild who sent a copy to AQS in 2015: “I don’t know how you decide your teachers for the AQS shows but would like to make a recommendation of one we recently had at our guild. Toby Lischko taught Millefiori for our guild last week and it was a very good class. Toby was well prepared, very organized, and very attentive to everyone’s questions. She is a very good instructor as she walked us through ” unfoundation” piecing with freezer paper, using mirrors to check the fabric design, using templates, and sewing curved pieces. There were plenty of questions from 20 students but she handled them all so that we were able to successfully complete the project. Many of our guild members have taken classes at AQS-Paducah and think she is the caliber of teacher you want to keep.”