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Alchemy Lime 1775-54  
Alchemy Ocean 1775-54  
AMB 04 Red  
AMB 30 Dark Blue  
American Basics 29400-2  
American Basics 29400-6  
American Basics 31637-2  
American Basics 31637-6  
American Basics 31641-2  
American Basics 31641-20  
American Basics 31641-22  
American Basics 31641-23  
American Basics 31641-6  
APTM-15145-186 Silver  
APTM-15148-186 Silver  
APTM-15150-186 Silver  
APTM-15150-93 Scarlet  
Arabella 4183 24  
Armond Claret 2286-10  
Balinesia 6057 28  
Batik Textiles Blender 5063B  
Batik Textiles Blender 5131B  
Batik Textiles Blender 5159B  
Batik Textiles Blender 5169B  
Batik Textiles Blender 6046B  
Batik Textiles Blender 6054B  
Batik Textiles Blender 6642B  
Batik Textiles Blender 7020B  
Batik Textiles Lingering Summer 3402  
Batik Textiles Sea Spots 3314  
Batik Textiles Sea Spots 3315  
Batik Textiles Sea Spots 3330  
Batik Textiles Sea Spots 3338  
Batik Textiles Sea Spots 3346  
Batik Textiles Sea Spots 3368  
Batik Textiles Tropical Sorbet 3603  
Batik Textiles Tropical Sorbet 3604B  
Bear Essentials 2 0584 F  
Benartex 469-55  
Cabin C2585 Brown  
Carnival 2256 01  
Carnival 2256 02  
Carnival 2257 1 Cream  
Caryl's Feathers 2828 28  
Caryl's Feathers 2828 33  
Chelsea 2105 1  
Chelsea 2105 3  
Chromazone 2596 99  
Chromazone 2597 10  
Color Crush 3149 Black  
Cream Cats 5960B-07  
Crystalia 4240 Onyx  
Crystalia N4242 Opal  
Crystalia N4242 Rainbow  
Damask Brown 476-77  
Damask light turquoise 476-84  
Delhi 2448-1  
Delhi 2448-3  
Delhi 2448-4  
Dragonette Blue/multi 1772-54  
Dreamweaver 2DWA2  
Dreamweaver 2DWA5  
Dreamweaver 2DWA7  
Ebony and Ivory 32190-1  
Ebony and Ivory 32242-1  
Elcott Park Y2021-3  
Elcott Park Y2024-63  
Elcott Park Y2025-2  
Elcott Park Y2025-64  
Endless Summer 8082 12  
Everything But Kitch. Sink 1588-002  
Fabrique-istan 3142 99  
Flash Dance charcoal 1774-11  
Flash Dance Fucshia 1774-26  
Flash Dance turquoise 1774-84  
Folk bloom PWAB146 Midnight  
Folk bloom PWAB146 NAT  
Fusions 14101 213 Teal  
Good Vibrations Black 5753B-12  
Good Vibrations Violet 5753B-66  
Healing Hearts 2113 2  
Healing Hearts 2113 3  
Healing Hearts 2113 5  
Hoffman Gradient 7510 4  
Home Essentials 0016-07  
Ink Blossom 1802 3  
Jinny Beyer 1846 001  
Jinny Beyer 2013 01  
Just Trippin' 24264 Blue  
Just Trippin' 24264 Orange  
Kaleidoscope Medallion 3881 Black  
Kilim 3224-99  
Liquid Lace 1773-54  
Lumina 114264 79 Copen  
Lumina 2 15915201 Palace Kaleidoscope  
Lumina 2 1591578 Chandelier Peacock  
Lumina 2 1591778 Chandelier  
Lumina 2 1591878 Harlequin Mosaic  
Manadalas Multi 1771-99  
Manadals Blue/multi 1771-54  
Marigold 3493 Black  
Marigold 3493 Cream  
Marigold 3495 Spice  
Marigold 3497 Black  
Marigold 3517 Black  
Michele's Texture 02749 5  
Michele's Texture 02749-33  
Michele's Texture 02749-44  
Modern Shadows Brown  
Monochrome 3251white  
Nature 1493 Blue  
Ombre Scroll 24174 Kelly  
Ombre Scroll 24174 Lilac  
Ombre Scroll 24174 Lime  
Ombre Scroll 24174 Ruby  
Palazzo CM2213 Denim  
Palazzo CM2215 Black  
Palindromes 584-60  
Palindromes 584-66  
Palm Springs 3963 22  
Palm Springs 3963 65  
Plume 3551 Turquoise  
Red 2137 01  
Ruffles 4312 30  
Ruffles 4312 58  
Scribble Hot Pink 4563-26  
Scribble Light Purple 4563-60  
Scribble Navy K312  
Scribble Turquoise 4563-84  
Shimmer Island Blue  
Shimmer Rust  
Skin Black 5865B-12  
Southern Vintage Solids 280 RR  
Southern Vintage SVIN 779 B  
Southern Vintage SVIN 780 Z  
Southern Vintage SVIN 781 B  
Southern Vintage SVIN 781 P  
Southern Vintage SVIN 782 B  
Southern Vintage SVIN 782 NE  
Southern Vintage SVIN 782 P  
Southern Vintage SVIN 783 B  
Southern Vintage SVIN 783 P  
Stained Glass 4311 55  
Storybook Classics Bow Ties 36080-6  
Storybook Classics Daisy Dots 36079-4  
Studio Stash 13568 33 Kiwi  
Suede Midtone 300BV  
Sun Stone Citrus 4319 41  
Sun Stone Ink 4319 12  
Sun Stone Purple 4319 36  
The Cat's Meow 24317 Black  
The Cat's Meow 24317 Red  
The Cat's Meow 24318 Black  
The Hare PWTP084-BLU  
The Tortoise PWTP085-BLU  
Three of a kind 4306 28  
Welcome to My World 2037 001  
Welcome to My World 2037 002  
Welcome to My World 2038 001  
Welcome to My World 2038 002  
Welcome to My World 2039 001  
Welcome to My World 2039 002  
Welcome to My World 2040 002  


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Kaleidostars book  
St. Louis Stars book  


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Kaleidostars DVD  


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Autumn Splendor  
Blue Illusion  
Chinese New Year  
Crown of Roses  
Delicate Delft  
Eclipse quilt pattern  
Geese On The Loose  
Helix pattern  
Holiday Flourish  
Kasuri Diamonds  
Liberty Square  
Moon Over New York  
Mosaic Magic  
Night & Day  
Redwork Meets Bluework  
Rose Abundance  
Royal Gems  
Serene Lanterns  
Shanghai Tiles  
Southern Vintage  
Stairway to the Stars  
Stars Over St. Louis  
Tropical Punch  
Urban Cubes  
Veranda Table runner  
Vintage Stars  
Windmills in the Garden  
Zen Garden  

Quilt Kits

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Carnival Quilt kit  
Eden Marigold  
Holiday Flourish quilt kit  
Rose Abundance kit  
Yin and Yang pre-cut kit  

Quilting Supplies

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C. Jenkins Freezer Paper  
Clover 18mm Rotary cutter  
Clover 28mm Rotary cutter  
Clover Patchwork Pins  
Marti Michell Magic Mirror  


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1/4" guide with corner trimmer  
1/4" seam guide  
Cutting Corners  
Eclipse quilt template set  
Geese on the Loose templates  
Glorified Nine Patch 4 inch  
Glorified Nine-Patch 9 or 6 inch  
Helix templates  
Hourglass template set  
Kaleidostar Templates  
Kaleidostar Templates Small  
Marti Michell Template set A  
Marti Michell Template set B  
New York Beauty Templates  
North Star template and pattern  
Pickledish templates  
Picklemint-Chinese New Year templates  
St. Louis Star 10" or 12"  
St. Louis Star 8" or 17"  
Stars Over St. Louis Template Set  
Winding Ways  
Yin and Yang template set  
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