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Titles of classes are the same as the title of the quilt images. See a full description of the classes on my "Workshops" page.

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Gallery of workshop, winning, and published quilts

I hope you enjoy and become inspired to create your own masterpiece by taking a look at some of my quilts. Come back often to see what new quilts have been added.

Published quilts.

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Click on "Workshops" to check out the images of the quilts from my workshops page. Workshop title corresponds to quilt title.

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Eden Workshop  New!
Learn how to do "y" seams easy and effortlessly. Half day workshop


Unfoundation Piecing 101
Half day beginner workshop on foundation piecing without tearing off the foundation.


Curves without the Fuss
Quilt size: 51" x 62"
Block size: 8"
Featured in "Quilter's World" magazine December 2005.


Eclipse workshop  New!
Photo of the Eclipse class sample.


Eden  New!
Quilt size 36" x 36"
Block size 9"


Fast Easy Appliqued Circles
Quilt size: 56" x 72"
Block size: 8"
Note: Fabric courtesy of Windham Fabrics, Storybook V collection.
Quilt pieced by Dolores Keaton.


Geese on the Loose sample  New!
Quilt size: 20" x 20" Block size: 8"


Glorified Nine-Patch with a Twist  New!
Quilt size: 18" x 18". Block size: 6.
Note: Glorified nine-patch templates required for the workshop.


Hourglass  New!
Easy curved block with many design possibilities.


Liberty Square
Quilt size: 30 1/2" square Block size: 4"


Mardi Gras  New!
Learn "y" seams and fussy cutting.


Millefiori  New!
Featured in McCalls Quilting magazine May 2010.


Quilt size: 50" x 50"
Block size: 9"



Northern Lights  New!
Full day workshop. See workshops page for further information.


Ornamental Stars/ws
Large wall quilt


Parfait  New!
17" block.


Rob Peter to Pay Paul
Table runner size:
Block size: 9"
Note: 9" template set is used to make this quilt.


St. Louis Star
Workshop to learn how to piece this 8 point star.


Stars Over St. Louis
18" x 18"
Center block: 8 1/2"
Corner blocks: 6"
Note: Pattern and acrylic templates available for purchase to make this quilt.


Yin and Yang
Learn curve piecing techniques and some machine applique'.

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