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Titles of classes are the same as the title of the quilt images. See a full description of the classes on my "Workshops" page.

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Gallery of workshop, winning, and published quilts

I hope you enjoy and become inspired to create your own masterpiece by taking a look at some of my quilts. Come back often to see what new quilts have been added.

Published quilts.

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Click on "Workshops" to check out the images of the quilts from my workshops page. Workshop title corresponds to quilt title.

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Caribbean Blues/Book  New!
61" x 75"


Carnival/Book  New!
37" x 37"


Electrifying/Book  New!
66-3/4" x 66-3/4"


Fun House Mirror/Book  New!
75" x 75"


Mardi Gras/Book  New!
60-1/2" x 6-1/2"


Northern Lights/Book  New!
50" x 50"


Parfait/Book  New!
47" x 47"


Royal Garden/Book  New!
56-3/4" x 56-3/4"

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